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New Blog, first post 📝

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Hello 👋 #

Just start writing #

Well, I’ve been trying to start a blogging again after a while. Actually since 2010 (The year after I started to use internet, if I recall correctly). Wish to take a look at my initial stuff? Take a look here (Beware). My Plans here

- I've a lot of stuff to write. In my mind. Need to organize those
- Need to write something first
- My College and FOSS Adventures
- Be honest about what I write :)

Boathouse on a mountain lake A Photo by Luca Bravo / Unsplash to make this post look bit more pro :D How did all these happen suddenly?

Well, I don’t know exactly. I’ve been trying to build a platform using GatsbyJS. Since, I’m too lazy to do something for my self, it never happened.

I recently discovered that Oracle Cloud offers free tier Cloud Instances with moderate spec. So, I tried it. Since I already have a mail server and a tinkering server, I was wondering what to do with this. So, here is it. Live and Flesh. This blog is running Ghost CMS. Ghost is really cool BTW! I’ve not seen any blogging platform with a cool theme as much as Ghost. Heck, I’ve not even changed the default theme. It is that good.

  • Update: Migrated away from Oracle Cloud to a VPS provided by RackNerd. 2GB Ryzen SSD VPS for $15(11.11 offers - 2020). Couldn’t resist 😄

  • Update 2: Going back to static once again

So, Oracle Cloud RackNerd VPS + Ghost + Cloudflare + Little free time = This blog.

Will I write more stuff? Who knows? Well, Let’s see…

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